Bang Biscuit

Mom Sharts Herself While Dancing Sessy

EMBED-You Can’t Unsee: Mother’s Embarrassing Dance – Watch more free videos

I don’t know what redneck county this is taking place in but I do know that you should never fuckin make a striptease tape for your man doing 2-5 stint for meth with your kids in the room. Second, you should never dance around people who can’t hear the music. It makes you look lonely and desperate Third, make sure you wash your ass before you do start stripping down. Fourth, listen to your kid when he’s begging you not to strip in front of him. This is going to cost him a lot in therapy over the next 10 years or so.

I’m still in awe that she was getting her striptease on with kids in the room. Then they had to be exposed to that brown monster just hanging out and looking fresh. Seriously, there is so much wrong in this vid that I can’t help but laugh. I love the kid though, “You have a poop stain”. Kid, that’s no ordinary poop stain, that’s a shit explosion in your mama’s trousers. You could sort of hear everyone gasp when the explosion is revealed. That’s going to get discussed a lot over microwave dinners. What a shitty memory to have.

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